Labyrinth walk - Let it be

Posted on 22 April, 2015 at 13:20


Good afternoon,

I awaken early... It's a bit chilly out, so I pull on my housecoat and rubber boots and head out to my labyrinth for a walk. Not your usual dress code for walking a labyrinth to be sure, but I'm in the country, so it's just me, my dog Jack and the birds...

The very first thing I see is the image of an angel in a rock sitting in the center of the labyrinth. How did I not see her before, I think? I've walked this labyrinth many times, built it in fact. Had she been there the whole time? Must of been, I just wasn't looking... Wow... I really AM seeing from a different perspective now. I begin my walk, knowing it will be a long one. It's the first walk of the season, so I offer Reiki to clear the space and bring in all the energy from Mother Earth and the Universe for the highest good and loving healing of all who walk this path.

As I walk along, I notice rocks out of place (I have a big dog who likes to walk beside, ahead/behind, around and through me) and I gently return them to their spot. How often do we do that in life, put things back in place or try to... Can I be comfortable leaving them where they are? What thoughts come to me as a result? Continuing on, I notice a dew worm sliding uncomfortably on the gravel. At least it looks uncomfortable to me. So I picked him up, noticing the tremendous struggling & fear showing up... I spoke and it calmed down. I placed it in the grass. How often do we do that? (go into a situation thinking we have all the answers and demand that others follow suit) When I encountered another worm, I placed my hand down and waited - would it accept my offer of help? Would it understand I was there to help? Why did I feel this burning desire to help? How long would I wait? Could I just let it be? Let it seemingly suffer? Nope, not yet... more opportunity for growth... I picked it up and put it down in the grass. As I turned, a moment of doubt – where was I? Could I get back to the spot I was just at? What if I ended up in a different spot, which way would I go? Would I repeat the path?

I continue on my journey. Jack comes running over, blocks my path and sits on my feet. He then rolls over for a belly rub, but the rocks make it uncomfortable; he gets up and looks at me. He then proceeds to paw at some of the stones on the path... wanna play he asks? No, I need to keep walking, and I stop him from disturbing the stones and the work I'd put into it. Aha! Need to balance work & play... Thanks Jack! He wonders off. Where does this need for perfection come from anyway? Can I just let it be? So there are a few rocks out of place. Does this invalidate the work, creativity, love and energy I put into it? Is it no longer good enough? Am I good enough? You can see where this might go... Moving on...

I reach the center; the circle is abundant. The bushes are awakening from their winter slumber and the ice in the bird bath has melted, offering refreshment to the birds and animals as they wonder through. Stella, my cat comes over for a sip... I return on my path, to my role as caretaker of the stones... As I leave the labyrinth, I reflect on the messages and guidance I've received. I thank my guides and ask that the labyrinth be protected; that those who enter the path are given the wisdom they need to continue on their path and I head back into the house... Refreshed, Renewed and Restored. Knowing that I am on the right PATH for me... that my guides are always with me, gently leading the way...

In love & light...



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0:17 on 3 August, 2017 
Aw, este fue un post muy bueno. Tomando unos minutos y esfuerzo real para crear un artículo realmente bueno